How to choose a hairstyle

Choose a haircut that suits your face shape. The main rule you should follow is that your hairstyle should be the opposite of your face shape. For example, if you have a square face, you need to smooth out the angles with soft layers and curls.

Knowing your face shape will help you decide on your hairstyle choices. To determine what shape you have, remove all hair from your face by combing it out. Stand up straight in front of the mirror and look at your face. You should look at your face in full-face, not in profile. Use lipstick, a piece of cold butter or something else that will be easy to wipe off the mirror, and outline the shape of your face on it.

Choose a hairstyle that suits the texture of your hair. Hair comes in completely different textures, from soft, silky and fine hair to stiff, frizzy and unruly. You have to choose the style that works for you. For example, short and torn haircuts that suit people with straight and fine hair will not look good if you have thick and frizzy hair.

If you have fine, silky hair, refuse straight and elongated hairstyles. You may look childish. Instead, create a voluminous layered hairstyle up to your shoulders or higher. Do not make straight bangs, it is better to choose the option with slanted bangs. Play to your strengths. A good hairstyle should draw attention to the parts of your face that you like. In the end, hair should emphasize your strengths and give you self-confidence. For instance, if you like the length of your neck, cut it short or put your hair up to emphasize it. To accentuate your eyes, get deep bangs down to your eyebrows. Conceal flaws. The right haircut can help hide flaws in your appearance. If you have large ears, avoid short haircuts, ponytails and bunches (men should grow their hair out to the sides to create the illusion of volume around the ears). If you have a big, wide forehead you can cover it up with bangs. If you don't like the length of your neck, go with long loose hair.

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