How to do makeup correctly

Always start your makeup application with a clean one. Remove any makeup that may have been left over from the previous day or that you applied that day if you want to reapply makeup. Makeup will look sloppy or unnatural if you apply it over old makeup (unless you're touching it up). Also, cleansing will prevent skin irritation and clogged pores. Use makeup remover or baby oil to get rid of makeup residue.
Wash your face and then apply moisturizer. This should be done for the same reasons. Use a mild cleanser and gently massage your skin for a minute to get rid of bacteria and dead skin cells, then rinse with cool water. At the end of the treatment, whatever your skin type, apply a moisturizer.
Apply a primer. Before using makeup, you need to apply a primer. It makes your makeup look better and last longer. You can apply the primer directly with your fingers, and you need very little primer to cover your whole face. It will allow your makeup to last all day.

Apply your makeup foundation. There are several types of foundations, but the essence is basically the same. A liquid, creamy, or powder foundation creates an even complexion and a base for subsequent layers of makeup. Use a brush or damp sponge to apply the foundation to your face and, if necessary, blend in the neck and earlobes. The main purpose of the concealer is to make your skin tone even and to conceal blemishes and dark circles under the eyes.
Apply highlighter. After applying the foundation your face may look flat because the color is too even. You can add depth by creating the illusion of highlights and shadows. Create depth with facial contouring. Unlike a highlighter, contouring involves applying powder to those areas of the face that you want to make visually smaller and more refined. The powder should be a few shades darker than your natural skin tone (but it's not a bronzer).
Paint on your eyebrows. This step is optional and depends on the density of your eyebrows, but it is desirable for those who have thin or sparse eyebrows. Choose the closest shade to your natural eyebrow pencil, powder or lipstick. 

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